ZSE29 with 800LR?


We bought a ZSE29 for evaluation and it compared favorably with others in consideration. On trying to purchase some more we encountered “800LR VERSION COMING 5/2024”. Please advise when these will actually be available.

Best wishes

Thanks for reaching out! The ZSE29 has been discontinued and will not be restocked. Instead, we are releasing a new outdoor motion sensor, the ZSE70 Outdoor Motion Sensor, which will be an 800 series version that provides Long Range functionality (with hub support). It will report motion as well as lux and temperature.


  1. Motion, temperature, and lux sensor
  2. IP66 rated for outdoor use
  3. 800 series Z-Wave chip with Z-Wave Long Range
  4. 12-24 V AC/DC or battery powered for extra flexibility (sealed terminals for low-voltage connection)
  5. Ability to disable reporting for any sensor
  6. Dusk to dawn feature for motion detection


  1. 800 series Z-Wave chip
  2. Z-Wave Long Range capability
  3. Indoor/Outdoor: IP66 rated
  4. Powered by 12-24 V AC/DC OR by two CR123A batteries with 2 year’s battery life
  5. Operating temperature: -10°C to 50°C / 14°F to 122°F with accuracy of ±2°C
  6. Motion detection range: minimum 30 feet / 10 meters
  7. Light sensor range: 0 LUX to 30000 LUX with ±20% accuracy
  8. Operating humidity: humidity: 8%- 100% non-condensing

We are looking for a release date in the next couple of weeks!