Large number of Zooz Dimmers on SmartThings now unable to adjust parameters with official driver

I’m in the process of transitioning to all Zooz Zen77 dimmers. Up to about 22 everything works perfectly and all parameters could easily be adjusted with the official Zooz edge drivers, but after installing additional Zooz dimmers beyond 22 or so, changes to parameters with the Zooz edge drivers no longer register in the actual device.

If I temporarily change the driver to Mariano’s Z-Wave Device Config MC driver, then I can eventually get parameter changes to register on the actual dimmer. When I change the driver back to the official, the parameters in the setting menu do not actually represent what has been configured in the switch, but just remembers what I had previous tried to save, but didnt’ work.

Is there any way to fix this? I have another twenty or so switches to go, but this make it’s a very tedious and long process. I’ve read of some Z-wave issues with a large number of the same device on the most current firmware for SmartThings and am unsure if this is related.

Here’s an update for anyone else having this issue.

I’ve found that as long I keep the number of dimmers using the Zooz driver low (no more than 20 or so), it’s still snappy and works to apply preference values. I’ve resorted to moving most to the generic SmartThings Zwave dimmer driver temporarily while keeping newly added dimmers and those still needing configuration on the official driver. This seems to be a SmartThings platform issue.

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