Switching on 12V transformer to power RGB LED strip lights

What is the best method to ZWwave control (switch on/off only) 120V power to a transformer providing 12V for RGB LED strips of above-cabinet lighting ? The RGB strips have a bluetooth controller for scene control. Would either 800 SERIES Z-WAVE LONG RANGE ON / OFF LIGHT SWITCH ZEN71 800LR or 700 Series Z-Wave Long Range Dry Contact Relay ZEN51 LR work in this case ?

Hi there! None of our wall switches can be connected to low voltage power transformers. If the LED strips have their own controller and are hardwired, we do not have a Z-Wave switch that could be used here. Instead, we recommend a dedicated Z-Wave RGBW Controller with standard LED strips. We have discontinued our previous ZEN31 RGBW Controller, but should be releasing a new device on the latest 800 series Z-Wave chip later this year. Please feel free to reach out to our team and we’d be happy to put you on the wait-list for the device.

Thanks much Sara.

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