Z-Box Hub Icon Management

I’m continuing to play around with the Z-Box Hub prior to potentially moving one of my locations from SmartThings to the Z-Box. So far, it’s looking very promising! (I’ll share more of the process I’ve chosen–and analogies between terminology used by each hub when the transition actually begins.)

One of the very nice features of Z-Box is the ability to upload icons for use in identifying various components of your system. Icons may be uploaded for:

  • Devices
  • Rooms
  • Scenes

Icons may be selected but not uploaded for:

  • Profiles

However, it appears there are no means to manage icons. In other words, other than uploading/adding an icon, I’ve found no way to delete a stock icon that comes with the hub I know I’ll never need (like they baby pacifier!). Perhaps I’d want to unclutter the selection or just download/archive an icon if it is one I’m not using that’s just “taking up space.”

It also appears there are different “sets” of icons. The icon selection for Scenes might differ from Devices which is definitely different than the selection for Profiles. Rooms has an entire set with purple backgrounds that appear nowhere else! What if I wanted to download one of the nifty purple icons, modify it for a different purpose, and upload it for use?

Does anyone have any tips for icon management that may overcome some of the issues noted, above? Or are there perhaps changes/enhancements on the roadmap for future firmware releases?

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Edit: after the original post, I discovered how to delete an icon I’ve uploaded and edited the post accordingly.

Hey John, thanks for the feedback! I’m checking with our developers on what we have in the pipeline, and I’ll have an update for you shortly!