ZAC36 Titan Valve Actuator Firmware 1.24 Release Notes

VER. 1.24 (released 4/2024 as OTA)

Firmware: 1.24

  • Fixed the auto-close function when a low battery alert is triggered and the backup battery is connected and charging. The valve will not auto-close anymore.
  • Fixed the battery level report issue not showing 100% when the backup battery is fully charged.
  • Correct the battery status display from ‘discharging’ to ‘maintaining’ when the backup battery is fully charged.

We don’t recommend updating your device unless you’re missing any of the functionality listed in the changelog and the update is absolutely necessary. Before you attempt an update on your device, please read this first:

  • Remember to unzip the file after downloading it before using it to update your device. 500 series device files will use the .otz or .hex format while 700/800 series device files will use the .gbl format.
  • Always double-check that you’re applying the correct firmware file to the right model and version of your Zooz device. Loading the wrong version to your device may deem it unusable.
  • You may need to exclude and re-include the device after the update is complete for best performance. Please consider you may need to rebuild all of your automations and settings for the device.

ZAC36 1.24 OTA firmware file here. Update at your own risk.

Get firmware files and learn more about updating your Z-Wave devices here.