ZEN16 MultiRelay Resources

Here is a list of resources to help you troubleshoot your Zooz ZEN16 MultiRelay and navigate the documentation that’s already out there :white_check_mark:

We try our best to keep the Zooz Support Portal updated and continue adding helpful articles every day so take a look at the most popular docs first, there’s a good chance your question has already been answered! :point_down:

:question: ZEN16 FAQ: the best place to start :smiling_face:

:face_with_monocle: How does the MultiRelay compare to other Zooz smart relays?

:dizzy: Most popular use cases:

:inbox_tray: OTA Firmware Update Files: read all of the disclaimers carefully before applying an update to your device to avoid accidental bricking :skull_and_crossbones:

:memo: ZEN16 Change Log: where we keep track of all the updates made to the hardware and software of the device.

:zap: ZEN16 Specs: make sure you’re using your device with an approved load and power supply.

:gear: ZEN16 Advanced Settings: learn how to customize your device.

:bulb: Detailed Support for ZEN16 MultiRelay & Your Hub: :bulb: