Possible to add LR via firmware?

Hi Zooz!

If I’m reading the change logs correctly, it appears that LR was added via firmware (1.50) to the Zen51/52…

Admittedly, I haven’t had an opportunity yet to actually verify that on my 51, but now that Hubitat is beta testing LR, I think that eventual release will help start driving LR adoption.

If true, does that mean it could be possible to add LR (via firmware update) to other 700 devices like the Titan and Z16 v2?

If so, is such a thing on your roadmap? Thanks very much!

Hi! Yes, it is definitely possible to add LR via a firmware update, as we have done with the ZEN51/52 and a few other products. We are currently testing the new LR firmware on the 700 series chip with the ZAC36 at this time, so stay tuned for updates!


Awesome news - thanks Sara!

It would be great to see the Z16v2 and Z17 get it too (if possible), since those devices are commonly used outside main structure (detached garage, irrigation, accent lighting etc).

Thanks again!

Sure thing! Both the ZEN16 & ZEN17 are in the process of an update to the 800 series Z-Wave chip with Long Range support. The ZEN17 800LR should be available via The Smartest House at the end of this week or early next week.


To clarify, while it’s technically possible to update a non LR product to an LR product via OTA, you will always need to scan the QR code on the product to add it with LR since LR works with SmartStart only. The issue we’re looking at right now is that the format of the QR code is different for LR, so there is that challenge when looking to upgrade from non-LR to LR.

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As long as the controller supports changing the boot mode after scanning, you can just scan the old QR code and then change the boot mode to Long Rang. I have already done this with a ZEN52 to test and it paired and works fine.


Our technicians just returned from the Z-Wave summit and this was just confirmed true for Home Assistant and should be true for Hubitat as well. We’re waiting on other systems to introduce LR so we can verify if this will be the case on all systems.