Z-Box hub Firmware 5.160.42 Release Notes - Same?

I got this update yesterday for my hubs but the release notes are the same as the last version I think. What happened there?

Version 5.160.42

What’s New:

Added SmartStart QR scanning capability.
Updated design for default icon sets.
Updated Quick App content display (legacy view still available for backward compatibility).

Fixed display issues for device available update counter.
Removed obsolete role types for baseShutter and rollerShutter types.

Improved system stability.
Improved network perfomance.
Updated SDK to 7.21.0.
Updated ZIP Gateway to 7.18.03.

Improved error management during user’s parameter template upload for Z-Wave devices.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed display of names for selected thermostats on selector.

Fixed issues with modal window display when adding custom icons for multistate devices.
Fixed custom icons for metering devices.
Removed occasional icon set duplicates.

Initial Setup
Addressed error during installer setup in the mobile app.

Linked devices
Hysteresis settings for temperature and humidity have been improved. It now cannot be greater than the difference between the minimum and maximum values.
Design improvements for Linked Devices (Choose Master device option).

Addressed occasional 502 error in the web UI.
Fixed rare system boot issues.
Addressed error 409 for devices included with previously added Smart Start DSK.
Minor UX and UI improvements.
Improved the view of notification list after “Clear all” is executed.
Fixed issues with changing the order of rooms in the interface.
Fixed issues with login screen appearing in the interface after restoring the hub to factory settings.
Fixed issues with creating a new room with custom icons.
Improved stability for WiFi driver.
UI fixes in the device tree selector.
Fixes for the Notifications panel.
UI fixes for the History panel.

Updated view for Sonos and Husqvarna plugins.
Plugin styling improvements.
Default Satel icons updated to new sets.
Fixed random communication freeze issues in the Satel plugin.
Mute/Unmute commands on Sonos plugin are no longer reversed.
Fixed issues for loading control views for child of the plugin (ex. Philips Hue).

Quick Apps
Fixed an issue with file manager in the editor.
Added support for long button press.
QuickApps styling improvements.
Added native view for the com.fibaro.player device type.
Added handling uploadExternalIconSet() method for the com.fibaro.player.
Fixed issues with handling onLongPressDown and onLongPressReleased actions.
Fixed issues with sending push messages.
Hue picker now sends the blue color component value correctly.

Fixed non-working energy consumption block in block scenes.
Fixed translations for selected device blocks.

Improved device assignment for users with empty sections under Access Management.
Fixed functionality around granting access to remote actions for installers in specific cases.

Fixed a rare issue with unprompted advanced parameter reset to default values.

Known issues:

In edge cases a Z-Wave controller lockup may occur due to a know issue with the Z-Wave SDK, when a reboot of the hub is required.

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Thanks for reaching out! This is just a notification that the firmware update is the latest stable version and is no longer in beta; there were no changes involved. Some customers prefer to wait for the firmware to no longer be beta before updating.