Z-Box Release Notes

Where can we find release notes for the Z-Box (new features, improvements, bug-fixes, etc.)?

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Hi! Z-Box release notes are available in the Z-Box UI with each new update. We do not currently have a historical change log, however, we are currently working on that, which we will post here in the community and will also be available in our Z-Box Knowledge Base in the next week or so.

Thank you, @Sara. For those of us without a Z-Box hub, release notes would be a great reference: what new features/issues/and solutions are rolled out–and how often. I’m considering moving one of my homes from SmartThings to Z-Box and, although it seems to be a good match for me from what little information I can find on the web, more details and information about the hub is something of great interest to me at this time!

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