ZSE42 Water Leak Sensor to the Rescue!

Two mornings ago I checked our home status after getting up and saw our ZSE42 had detected water in our basement. As we are away from that location, I called our daughter (who lives locally) to drive over to check our basement. She arrived to find about an inch of standing water and more coming in from a full sump hole in the floor. The home is only three years old and, although the builder put sump holes in all of the homes in the development, most didn’t need a pump. Ours had remained dry since we moved in–but, this year the convergence of a Nor’Easter blizzard followed by rain provided a surprise.

We called a remediation company, who arrived first thing the following morning–and our daughter “worked from home” at our house to let them in. They cleaned up the standing water and pumped the sump down, but water was still coming in. We then called a plumber to install a sump pump–temporarily; we’ll finalize it when we get back home–and the remediation folks put in two industrial dehumidifiers, draining into the sump hole.

We lost three carpets stored rolled up in the unfinished basement, have about twenty feet of drywall damage around the staircase, and had a couple of cardboard boxes that are drying out in the garage. Most things stored down there were either in plastic bins or on shelving elevated a few inches above the floor. Luckily our “finish the basement” project had yet to get off the ground. :disappointed_relieved:

This could have been so much worse! We caught the flood well before mold formation or higher levels that could have reached some furniture or shelved items. Emergency remediation isn’t cheap, but way better than continuing mold issues or the cost of replacing a lot of belongings.

The ZSE42 was found floating in the water–but our daughter dried it off, popped the cover, and finished drying it with a hair dryer. 24 hours later: it is reporting still dry (and this on the original battery)!

Thanks, Zooz, for making this great device! :grin: