ZAC36 -- param 22 question

Hi Zooz!

Can you please tell us a bit more about the Titan’s parameter 22 (introduced with f/w 1.12)?

Based on the Change Log notes, I’m not grasping what that parameter actually does or what its setting options bring to the table…

Many thanks!

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Good question, it is totally undocumented anywhere else. At some point I scanned my device for all the settings and it did not even show up then, but that was possibly before 1.12

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Yeah, I’ll be curious to hear what they have to say about it!

I only noticed it because I was going back through all the parameters wondering if there was an option to control how fast (or slow) the valve opens… I recently had my water heater replaced and the plumber shared a nugget I somehow had never heard before…

That it’s always wise to slowly re-open a closed valve (especially main) to help prevent a sudden in-rush pressure shock to fittings etc. Which makes perfect sense – it’s probably something I should’ve learned a long time ago in my DIY career, but I somehow hadn’t.

Anyway, I was curious if there was a buried/overlooked parameter along those lines and that’s when I discovered ol’ 22 here… Which maybe sounds like it could be somehow related? Unclear thus far, but hopefully we’ll learn more soon!

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Great question! The Titan has a calibration function. When going from open to closed, it calculates the distance, so the Titan knows how much to open/close to reach the fully open/fully closed state.
In our testing, most values range from 400 to 500 of rotations of motor. Therefore, we set the minimum coil count to be 400 or higher for successful calibration. However, we found a small, very specific issue during testing; when the valve handle itself was thicker, the calculated rotations count dropped to 360-400.

Additionally, we found that some customers’ installation positions didn’t allow for complete opening, leading to insufficient coil count for calibration failure. Hence, we introduced the setting of parameter 22.

When facing a calibration failure, this parameter allows you to change the value of valid rotations counts for recalibration, enabling normal customer usage through calibration.
This parameter was intentionally not included in the manual nor in our Knowledge Base descriptions because we prefer that the majority of customers do not alter it, as it does not apply to most situations.
We will provide direct instruction in the rare case that this parameter is applicable, as it is generally a precautionary setting. To date, we have not had a real-life situation to apply the parameter.


Thanks Sara – that is helpful add’l info!

This could well be too difficult to implement, but I’ll ask anyway… Related to my post above, would it be possible to somehow add options for how fast the valve opens (e.g. currently available speed, medium, slow or something like that)?

Thanks for your help and consideration!

Ok probably good that it is not in my driver then. I do have a command button to manually set a parameter so if someone did need to change it they could do it right from my custom driver.


Sorry, missed this part of the question! No, we likely will not be able to implement a speed control here. Each valve is different in the amount of force required to open/close, and the Titan uses the force necessary to complete the open/close. It’s something we will continue to look into and implement if possible.

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