ZEN30 800LR Fan Control Not Working

Hi, Just got my 1st Zooz double switch, primarily to replace a single switch (14/3 wires) to control fan light (upper paddle) and fan motor (lower paddle) independently.
Wiring has been hooked as per the manual

  • Neutral/White to Neutral
  • Ground to Ground
  • Red to Red (fan)
  • Yellow to Black (fan)
  • Blue & Black (Line) to Black (Line)

The fan & fan light are ON, however I am not able to independently control them both.

The upper paddle turns the light ON/OFF and dimming works fine. However it also switches the Fan along with the light.
The lower paddle is also switching both concurrently.
The fan is wired directly, no remote control.
Why are both coupled? What needs to happen so the lower paddle acts as a Fan switch only.


Hi there! If you just had one single switch turning your fan’s motor and light at the same time, the ZEN30 will only be able to do just that. It won’t split the signal for you into individual control of the motor and the light if you only have a single wire coming to the box from the fan; for separate control, you need a wire for the fan load and a wire for the light load. You can connect the fan to the relay part of the ZEN30 for on/off Z-Wave control and continue using the pull chains or remote control to turn the light or the motor on and off separately. The dimmer part won’t be connected to anything but you can still program the paddles to serve as a scene controller or additional control of the fan if it’s more convenient than using the smaller button.
Otherwise, you could instead install the ZEN52 Double Relay at the fan canopy, where you should have access to the separate wires for the fan and light load, and then you can use the ZEN30 in the switch box, only connected to power line, neutral, and ground and program separate control via Z-Wave only.
Please let me know if you have any questions!

HI Sara,

Just to be clear, even though it is a single switch controlling both the lights & fan, the connection from the switch to fan is using a 14/3 wire. On the fan side, the red (traveler) is connected to the blue (light) wire. We are able to control the fan and light independently using the pull chains.
The only reason I selected this switch was to be able to control the lights & fan separately adding a new switch which would have required to change the box from a single gang to a dual-gang.
Will try connecting everything again this weekend to ensure we haven’t missed anything.


Hi there, can you please clarify if you have 2 separate load wires, one wire for the fan control and one wire for the light, available separately in the switch box? The ZEN30 cannot separate control if the wires are not available in the switch box. If you previously had only a single switch controlling the fan and light together, that’s all the ZEN30 can do if the wires are not there to separate the controls. If you would like us to review the wiring and provide detailed instructions, please reach out to our support team directly](New Ticket - Zooz Support Center) with images of a fully working installation with the standard mechanical switch installed.

Yes, its a 14/3 cable with two separate load wires going from switch to fan. A BLACK, RED & WHITE plus Ground.

As shared earlier, the switch is connected to both Load wires, RED with Blue (Fan Light) and Black with Black (Fan).
Will verify the connections again over the weekend and reach out to support if needed…thx

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