Disabling or reducing frequency of ZEN04 electric meter

I have a ZEN04 plug that I use mostly to automatically turn on/off a device on a schecule and I don’t really care about the electric meter reporting.

I see from the ZEN04 Smart Plug Advanced Settings - Zooz Support Center that there should be parameters to disable this (specifically parameters 10 and 11). However, when I look at Parameters for this device in Z-Box Hub, I only see parameters up to 9.

I am running what I think is the latest plug firmware v2.20.

What am I missing?

– Chris

Hi @cjzooz

The ZEN04 advanced parameters template must still be updated on the Z-Box hub to show all parameters that have been added in later firmware revisions.

However, we do have the latest JSON file with all parameters updated, and you can upload a new advanced parameter template by yourself!

You can download the ZEN04 Advanced Parameters JSON file here.

How to update the parameters template on the Z-Box: How To Access Advanced Device Settings On Your Z-Box Hub - Z-Box Hub


Great, that worked, thanks!